Study Visit to Talent Corporation (TalentCorp) Malaysia

On Nov 3, 2022, UTAR Global Economics Society jointly organsied a Study Visit to Talent Corporation (TalentCorp) Berhad Malaysia with the Belt and Road Strategic Research Centre (BRSRC) and Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM). The purpose of the study visit is to increase the awareness of students on the labour market demands. A total of 6 staff and 35 students joined the study visit.

The event began with welcoming remarks by Mrs Sarah Waheeda, Sector Head for STEM Talent, Industry Partnership; followed by the speech by Mr Low Choon Wei, the advisor of UTAR Global Economics Society.


Mrs Sarah Waheeda (left photo) and Mr Low Choon Wei (right photo) giving their welcoming remarks and speech.

Students were very fortunate to have Mr Ardi Gunsuh, the Lead Campus Engagement, shared his topic, “Self-awareness and Career Roadmap”. Mr Ardi began his sharing with the background of TalentCorp. Then, he shared the graduate employability with students. Graduate employability has increased from 84.4%  in 2020 to 85.5% in 2021. He also shared the four important stages that students should be aware of in their university journey. The four stages include 1) self-aware; 2) market awareness; 3) branding; and 4) experience. Ardi also shared several programmes launched by TalentCorp for students, for example, “MyNext”, “MySiP”, Young Employable Student (YES), and MyMOBILITY.


Mr Ardi (left photo) and Ms Anna (right photo) sharing their topics with students.


Ms Noor Nadiah (left photo) announced the winners of the interactive sessions.

Ms Noor Nadiah, from TalentCorp Campus Engagement Team, led the interactive sessions. There were interactive sessions with students between sharing sessions. All students participated actively during the interactive session.

Next, Ms Annapooranee A/P Suppiah, Sector Head, Industry Partnership shared her topic, “Financial, Accounting & Global Business Services Talent Landscape”. Ms Anna shared the factors of underemployment among graduates. She also shared her summary findings from the Critical Occupational Lists (COLs). From the MyCOL 2020/2021, there were42 high-skilled occupations listed as critical and in demand, including Finance Managers, Mechanical Engineers, System Analysts, and Software Developers. 86% of the newly listed occupations are digital professionals, such as Cybersecurity Professionals and Creative Content Designers Professionals. Besides that, Anna also shared the top job titles, top skills, and top growing skills.

The event continued with the Gift Exchange. Then, students were given an opportunity to visit TalentCorp office. We believed all students benefited from the study visit and gained valuable input of the latest labour market information. The study ended with a group photo.


Gift exchange between Mr Ardi (left) and Mr Low (right).

                                                     Office tour by UTAR students.                          Staff and students from UTAR taking group photos with TalentCorp Representatives.